Unpacking the Myths of Investing in the Stock Market
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Why aren’t you investing? Maybe you grew up thinking the stock market was a scam. Maybe you’re worried that you’ll lose all your money. Maybe you think you don’t have…
How to Calculate Expected Rate of Return
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The basic idea behind investing is finding ways for your money to earn you even more money. Getting your money to do work for you? Yes, please. But how do you figure out how much your investment is going to make you? The money that you earn on an investment is known as your return. […]

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Want to Buy Pfizer Stock? Here’s What You Should Know
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Pfizer isn’t new to the limelight. The company’s stock is included in dozens of health care, pharmaceutical and dividend index funds and ETFs, and Pfizer regularly makes headlines for its…
What is Panic Selling & How Does it Work?
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Panic selling is when enough investors want to sell their holdings at the same time that it creates a profound drop in prices. That drop scares other investors into selling, which causes prices to fall still further, which frightens more investors, and so on. The resulting panic can erase vast amounts of wealth. It can […]

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How Tax on Mutual Funds Works
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For a long time, mutual funds have been a popular investment vehicle for millions of investors, largely because they offer an easy way to purchase no-fuss, diversified assets with relative ease. This out-of-the-box diversification and risk-mitigation is something that individual stocks can’t match. Though technology has made it easier than ever to buy securities like […]

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Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency
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In the last ten years or so, a new asset class has swept the globe—digital assets and cryptocurrency. It began with Bitcoin in 2009 and has since expanded into thousands of different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the first and largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is widely considered the gold standard of the asset class. Over time, other […]

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Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)
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New financial advisors need something to help them stand out. Consequently, the AAMS does just that. Designed for newcomers to the financial advice business, the AAMS trains advisors to identify investment opportunities as well as help clients with other financial … Continue reading →

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What Is Considered a Good Return on Investment?
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People invest with one goal in mind: To earn a good return on their investment. Returns can be determined by the type of investment, the timing and the risks associated with it. That means returns can vary wildly, often making it hard for investors to plan for their financial future. So just what exactly is […]

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How to Start Investing in Peer-to-Peer Loans
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Back in the day, if you needed a personal loan to start a business or finance a wedding you had to go through a bank. But in recent years, a new option has appeared and transformed the lending industry. Peer-to-peer lending … Continue reading →

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What is a Good Hashrate?
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When it comes to bitcoin mining, a good hash rate is a higher hash rate. The more computing power going towards maintaining a network, the more secure it will be and the more transactions it will be able to handle. Investor confidence in the coin is also likely to be higher. The bitcoin hash rate […]

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