7 Ways to Save for Retirement Without a 401(k)
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No 401(k), no problem: There are some overlooked alternatives that can help you build a nest egg.
Best Cities to Sell a House – 2021 Edition
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Deciding to leave the home you own might be difficult given the precious memories you’ve made within its walls. But the process of selling it can be downright taxing, especially when the real estate market is unpredictable. Your asking price, … Continue reading →

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What is a home equity loan and how does it work?
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A home equity loan lets you cash-out your equity without replacing your current mortgage. Learn how home equity loans and home equity lines (HELOCs) work.
8 Smart Money Moves for Empty Nesters
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Here's how empty nesters can find thousands of extra dollars every year.
19 Wealth-Building Lessons From the Latest Financial Crises
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There's something valuable to learn in every downturn.
10 Ways to Retire Earlier Than Friends on the Same Salary
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If you hope to leave the rat race early, some crucial decisions are as important as what you earn. These tips can help you reach your goal.
The Pros and Cons of Dividend Stocks for Retirement Savings
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With savings accounts paying less than a 1% return, dividends can provide a steady stream of cash without having to dip into your principal.
5 Critical Money Moves to Make Before Your 40s Are Over
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Even in your 40s, it's not too late to get finances in order. Put these items at the top of your must-do list.
How to Maximize Income and Minimize Taxes in Retirement
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By carefully managing your withdrawals, you can keep more money in your pocket in retirement.
Most Affordable Beach Towns – 2021 Edition
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Living by the beach can be expensive. Mortgage payments, property taxes and space can make your dream home unattainable. But if you know where to look, you can find a shore home without breaking the bank. The National Oceanic and … Continue reading →

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