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What is Debt Consolidation and How Does it Work?
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If you’re repaying a variety of different debts to different lenders, keeping track of them and making payments on-time each month can be a hassle. It isn’t just tough to keep track of these various debts, it’s also difficult to know which debts to prioritize in order to fast track your debt repayment. After all, […]

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OhmConnect Sends You Cash for Cooking Dinner on the Grill
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Live in California? OhmConnect will send you cash for using the grill instead of the oven.

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Types of mortgage loans – Lexington Law
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Find out about the types of mortgage loans to understand your options and make an educated decision.
What are money orders, and how do they work?
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Do you need a money order to pay a bill? Find out more about how this payment method works and whether you should use it. Article from Lexington Law.
Common Credit Score Mistakes
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Has Bad Luck or Bad Habits Caused Your Credit Score to Drop? Here at Credit Absolute we’ve helped our fair share of clients who have just been dealt a bad hand and everything went bad at once, destroying their credit score. One of the more extreme case was with one of our clients who had been […]

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You’ll no longer be able to use your companion certificate for Delta One – The Points Guy
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Delta has long offered one of the most rewarding credit card perks for customers with one of the airline's Amex cards: an annual companion certificate,
Why I’m keeping my Chase Sapphire Preferred card forever – The Points Guy
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Last year, it seemed the end of the Chase Sapphire Preferred reign in my wallet was near.
How Long Do Inquiries Stay on Your Credit Report & Affect Your Score?
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Credit inquiries drop your credit score by a few points. Be sure you know the impact of inquiries on your score and how long it lasts.
Best No-Fee Checking Accounts Of 2021 – No Minimum Balance
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Compare the best free checking accounts that have no minimum balance requirements, pay interest and offer free ATMs nationwide.
What Are Round-Up Savings?
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Round-ups are a feature offered by some financial services companies in which each time a customer makes a transaction, that amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the change is deposited into a savings or investment account. Once upon a time, people saved up their spare change in jars, cashing their coins in […]

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