Types of mortgage loans – Lexington Law
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Find out about the types of mortgage loans to understand your options and make an educated decision.
Common Credit Score Mistakes
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Has Bad Luck or Bad Habits Caused Your Credit Score to Drop? Here at Credit Absolute we’ve helped our fair share of clients who have just been dealt a bad hand and everything went bad at once, destroying their credit score. One of the more extreme case was with one of our clients who had been […]

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How Long Do Inquiries Stay on Your Credit Report & Affect Your Score?
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Credit inquiries drop your credit score by a few points. Be sure you know the impact of inquiries on your score and how long it lasts.
Understand the Type of Homeowners Insurance You Need
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Home is where the heart is. Often, it is also where the heartache is when disaster strikes. Long before something goes wrong, you need to ask “How much homeowners insurance do I need?” Homeowners insurance protects your home and possessions against a variety of perils including damage or theft, and also natural disasters such as […]

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Want to Invest More? Here’s Why You Should Treat It Like a Subscription
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Want a better financial future for just $39.99 a month? It's possible if you treat your investments like a subscription. Learn more here.
Tips for Making the Most of Your Holiday Budget
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Holidays are a time to give, vacation, and catch up with family and friends; simply put, holidays are a season to spend. Even with a proper budget, it’s possible to find yourself losing track and spending more than you should. One of the best ways to avoid the stress that comes with wasteful expenses during […]

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8 Best Credit Cards to Use for Everyday Spending
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Looking to make the most of your purchases to earn credit card rewards? See this list of the best cards to use for everyday spending.
Does Checking Your Credit Lower Score Lower It?
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When a lender checks your credit, it reduces your score by a few points. Does this happen when you check your own credit? Learn more here.
5 Steps to Take When You’re Rejected From Opening a Bank Account
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Have you been denied a bank account? Read on to learn about several options and alternatives to having an account at a traditional bank.
How to Save Money on Baby Products & Expenses
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Expecting a new baby brings a lot of excitement. More often than not, the excitement extends deep into your pocket and you may find yourself spending a fortune on things that your baby might never even use. While it is every parent’s joy to give the best to their baby, it doesn’t always have to […]

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