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7 Steps That Can Help Get Your Financial House in Order
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Just like having your home in order can help make life easier and less stressful, having your financial house in order can save you time and worry. It can also help you spend less, save more, and work more effectively towards your financial goals Your “financial house” refers to all the aspects that go into […]

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How does a discharge of bankruptcy affect my credit? – Lexington Law
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A bankruptcy discharge relieves you from your legal obligation to pay certain debts. Learn more about how they work and how they affect credit.
Pay Yourself First: How to Save More Money the Easy Way
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Saving money CAN be easy, and successful savers have known the secret---to pay yourself first---for decades. Learn more now.
7 Financial Strategies for Padding Your Bank Account in Case 2021 Goes Sideways
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Sure, we’re glad 2020 is over. But here are nine financial strategies for padding your bank account — just in case 2021 goes sideways, too.

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Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Lexington Law
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You’ve heard of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy—is either the right choice for you as you struggle with debt? Find out at Lexington Law.
Survey: what do Americans fear about credit cards?
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Although credit and debit cards are easier and safer than using cash, Americans still have some anxieties when it comes to using their cards online […]
10 Credit Card Rules You Should Know
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If you’re like the 40% of credit card holders the American Bankers Association refers to as “revolvers,” you probably carry at least some debt from month to month. And if you’re a typical American, according to Experian, you have an average balance of $5,897 , with an additional $2,044 on a couple of retail credit […]

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[POLL] Who do we borrow money from?
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Bringing up money has traditionally been a taboo topic, causing many to shy away from it. We found that Americans would rather talk about anything […]
How is credit card interest calculated? – Lexington Law
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If you’re like most people repairing their credit card debt, your credit card’s annual interest rate is a mystery to you. You might even avoid […]
Survey: one in four seniors wish they had taken this basic financial advice sooner
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The philosophy “live life with no regrets” can help people embrace the present instead of ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. However, […]
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