How to Use Your Health Savings Account (HSA) for Retirement Investing
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HSAs were designed to pay for health care, but they can also be used a tax-advantaged account. Learn how you can use your HSA for retirement.
Best Checking Accounts for 2021 | The Simple Dollar
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The best checking accounts of March 2020 offer access to extensive ATM networks, good returns and rewards and important convenience features.
7 Steps That Can Help Get Your Financial House in Order
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7 Steps That Can Help Get Your Financial House in Order_780x440

Just like having your home in order can help make life easier and less stressful, having your financial house in order can save you time and worry. It can also help you spend less, save more, and work more effectively towards your financial goals Your “financial house” refers to all the aspects that go into […]

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Freelance Invoice Templates – What to Include & How to Draft
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Learn how to draft a professional freelance invoice? Read here for how to build an invoice template and what clauses and terms to include.
Habits of Wealthy People
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Top 4 Habits of Wealthy People Want to be wealthy? Then here’s some advice: Set a financial goal for your life, work with what you have, and make smart financial decisions moving forward. Here are the Top 4 habits of wealthy people – see how they do it, and start using them to build your […]

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Best Travel Apps to Track, Save & Protect Money on the Road
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Learn how you can save money on the road by utilizing the best free travel apps for your smartphone. Read here for more information.
How to Choose a Teen Checking Account | The Simple Dollar
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For many teens, learning about algebra and geometry is more common then learning to manage one’s personal finances. Perhaps it’s an unfortunate oversight in our education system, or maybe it’s just not a priority when there are so many other subjects to be taught in school. Whatever the reason, personal finance experts say one of the best ways for […]
7 Financial Strategies for Padding Your Bank Account in Case 2021 Goes Sideways
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Sure, we’re glad 2020 is over. But here are nine financial strategies for padding your bank account — just in case 2021 goes sideways, too.

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How to Maximize Social Security Benefits – Withdrawal Options & Benefits
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Have a plan in place for your Social Security benefits? Many factors that determine how much money you receive are actually in your control.
SoFi Money Review 2021 – The Simple Dollar
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SoFi Money offers a combined checking and savings account with decent interest, great features and no fees, but no physical locations.
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