Even 6-Figure Earners are Living Paycheck to Paycheck. How to Break the Cycle.
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No matter how much money you make, bad spending habits can have you living paycheck-to-paycheck. It’s a dangerous cycle — but you can break out of it. Here’s how.

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10 Best Cities to Get Out of Credit Card Debt
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These cities offer income and housing options that may make it easier to get out of debt.
How to Avoid a Disaster When Buying Sight Unseen
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A survey of over 1,500 homebuyers found that 42% are willing to buy sight unseen, or at least consider it. But, can it be done safely?

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Ways to Avoid Monthly Account Maintenance Fees
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Many financial institutions charge a monthly fee just for having an account. Often called “maintenance” or “service” fees, these charges tend to be most common with checking accounts, but some banks levy monthly fees for savings accounts as well. Maintenance fees are also typically charged on top of other common bank fees, such as overdraft […]

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BBVA Bank Review | The Simple Dollar
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Looking for the most options and the perks of online banking? BBVA has it all and is certainly worth a glance.
Bank of America Checking Account Review | The Simple Dollar
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Bank of America has three different checking account options that have low account minimums, low and avoidable fees and access to over 4,500 ATMs nationwide.
Ally Bank Savings Account | The Simple Dollar
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Learn about Ally high yield savings accounts and get info on whether the Ally Bank savings rate makes sense for you.
How shoulder surfing threatens your security – Lexington Law
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Shoulder surfing is used by identity thieves to obtain credit card information, PINs and other login credentials. Learn how to prevent it in five simple steps.
Survey: what do Americans fear about credit cards?
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Although credit and debit cards are easier and safer than using cash, Americans still have some anxieties when it comes to using their cards online […]
[POLL] Who do we borrow money from?
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Bringing up money has traditionally been a taboo topic, causing many to shy away from it. We found that Americans would rather talk about anything […]
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